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With parents working in the arts Matthew grew up surrounded by music and drama both on and off stage. 

Matthew studied Music at Dartington College, specialising in composition. Since graduating he has worked continuously as a professional musician performing, writing, arranging and teaching music. Although his original plan was to become the next Morricone the reality of having to pay the bills intervened temporarily and he started to give piano lessons. His rigorous approach to mastering the basics tempered with an enthusiasm for a wide variety of musical styles meant he rapidly became a victim of his own success and whilst he continued with his writing he never quite found the time to ensure that Hollywood came calling.


Emerging from a testing period of personal highs and lows, he resolved at the start of 2012 to revert to the original plan and now spends many hours in his studio (a sort of glorified shed at the end of the garden) writing and recording new music. After a successful album preview concert in September 2012 he continued to add to his growing catalogue of unpublished music whilst grappling with the challenges of recording the piano in the above mentioned shed. His debut piano album 'Back to the Start' was eventually released in October 2014.


Matt has worked as a pianist and M.D for a number of community theatre groups, is the longstanding MD for Topsham Amateur Dramatic Society and is the recently appointed Musical Director of the Exeter Male Voice Choir.

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